Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twin Shadow - Forget (2010)

I first caught wind of Twin Shadow after his album Forget dropped in October of 2010, the album was getting some great reviews and with the promise of hearing some good neo-wave tunes i decided to check it out.

Forget is not only one beautiful album it's on my shortlist of the best of last year, easily. The music of Twin Shadow is nostalgic, (i couldn't get the image of an 80's high school prom out of mind the first listen through) not only in the musical arrangement but the lyrical work is mostly based on memories and the "what could have beens".

The mix of the grooving 80's toe tapping beats and the nostaligic lyricism makes Forget the perfect winter album. With lyrics like "... I cannot wait for summer, I cannot wait for June" and "...when winter sets in it has a way of crystallizing the bad times, the fevers, the heartaches" this baby you can put on with hot cocoa and lose yourself in while the blizzards rage on outside.

As for dancability, well the record doesn't have an incredible amount of legs on the floor. Half of the songs are slower while the other half are upbeat and could easily be played at a party, just don't expect people to tear the roof off.
Twin Shadow makes dance music for the lonely, nostalgic, cold dancers.
So put on your dance shoes by the fire and tear up that bear skin rug, this one's a beaut.

Twin Shadow plays The Horseshoe Tavern on Jan. 12 (tomorrow!) and i'll be there with bells on. Keep watch for a review of that show sometime coming up in the next week or so.

Rating: Disco Queen

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