Sunday, January 23, 2011

Personal top 5 dance records of 2010

Every blog and critic has been unleashing their top picks from last year and it all sounds the same. Top pick across the board goes to either Kanye or Arcade Fire and I get it. Both artists released stellar albums but what about the party records?

Sure, dance albums don't hold much longevity for most as they're usually not great for solo listening, however, I find good dance music invigorating and motivating no matter what I'm doing.

These 5 choices will be quite debatable to many especially with the omissions of some great releases from the likes of Caribou, Crystal Castles, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip etc. etc. etc.
These aren't the most accomplished albums of 2010, no these are the ones that made me sweatiest.

Without any further ado, here's my top 5 Dance records of 2010:

5. Daft Punk - Tron Legacy

Ok, so on a whole this isn't really a dance record, actually it isn't at all, but it's fucking Daft Punk so it has to be up here. The three or so actual bangers on here are worth the price of admission, much like how the games sequence in the film is worth the price of your ticket alone. I wasn't a huge fan of this soundtrack until after I watched the film and witnessed how the music accentuated all the scenes perfectly. Great stuff by these DJ legends.

4. Crookers - Tons of Friends

Italian dance masters, Crookers, finally released their first album in 2010 to very little fanfare. After dominating the club scene for so many years it seemed many people were already over Crookers by the time Tons of Friends hit the streets which is too bad. Many missed out on this eclectic mix of heavy dance numbers that spans many genres, from dubstep to electro-grime to euro house and more. All around a great party album and the first effort that real Crookers fans had been waiting for.

3. Twin Shadow - Forget

Not much to add after the review I posted up here the other week. An emotional record with some unforgettable dance hooks.

2. Tanlines - Settings E.P.

These Brooklyn boys took me by complete surprise. The first time I heard Tanlines I knew I was going to be addicted to their dance/pop/world music. Tanlines have an easily acceesible sound due to their various influences, it seems whenever I play any of their stuff in public people always ask "who is this?". Settings is a 6 track e.p. so the biggest issue I have with it is that it leaves me wanting much more. Turn up these guys on any cold winter night and get whisked away to a slamming island party.

1. Robyn - Body Talk

Body Talk is pop perfection, not one song disappoints. I've been a fan of Robyn for a long time and this new record just blew me away. In almost every way Robyn has improved upon her 2008 self-titled album. This is one tight record that is immensely fun yet not brain dead. Get down on it ASAP!

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